Power Supplies - rebuild or replace outright

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Power Supplies - rebuild or replace outright

I've been searching this forum, and there is lots written regarding Apple power supplies... I'm stll digesting it all.

Without trying to stir the pot...    I have several Apple ][+, //e and even 2 //c's....    And from what I have read I believe I shouldn't operate any of them with their original PSU's.

I feel I have the minimum skills to replace capacitors.. 

However, my question is... should I try to "recap" the ][+ and //e power supplies (ie, every capacitor) or simply replace them entirely with a suitable supply, like the one from Reactive Micro or even one with specs like from TRC GRN110?

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In my humble opinion, I think

In my humble opinion, I think recapping is just fine.  A new PSU is always better, but I think recapping with good quality caps should be OK too.  You may still have issues with some of the filtering caps (can't remember what they are...the square ones).  I'm an amateur at best so someone please correct me where I'm wrong.

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If it ain't broke...


 from what I have read I believe I shouldn't operate any of them with their original PSU's. 



If you follow this site regularly, you'll find many posts claiming a recap will solve almost any problem. In a small number of cases of course this will be true, although even then a shotgun approach to fixing anything will always be more expensive and troublesome than just replacing the defective component. I have many 40+ year old Apples still running with their original power supplies.

For the Apple ][+ and //e, I'd definitely consider at least removing or replacing the RIFA caps as they will probably go at some point causing a mess and further trouble. While you're in there, you should also check for any bulging electrolytics. Otherwise, you can probably leave the rest alone. There's no reason to consider any recap for the //c.


Since these are not mission critical and you seem to have plenty of other computers to use should one fail, I'd go with the time tested adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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RIFA replacement then...

Thanks for the experienced advice.   This is definitely just hobby time with these computers; I'm not a serious collector/museum.  I just want to make sure I am taking appropriate preventative measures to protect these old machines.


I have already had three RIFA's pop and release their smelly smoke.  Thankfully I was standing right there at the time and I rushed outside with the computer.  I have since ordered RIFA replacements from Mouser.

Mouse # 539-158X104K.  Film Capacitors Film Capacitors 0.1uF 250V 10%


I plan on replacing all the RIFA's as I inspect the other capacitors in each power supply.


I did have one of the ][+ power supplies pop one of the cyclindrical caps...   I ordereed these to replace them.

Mouser # 647-UCA2E470MHD6Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial Leaded 250volts 47uF 16X20 20%


 I also had a RIFA pop in a //gs... I ordered these for that one.

Mouser # 539-158X224KFilm Capacitors Film Capacitors 0.22uF 250V 10%


Let me know if I shouldn't use these and there are more appropriate parts...  I tried to follow this forum and looked at the part I removed for the uF, volts, and type, etc.







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