Disk ][ Drives (or clones); and Disk /// units (or cases)

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Disk ][ Drives (or clones); and Disk /// units (or cases)

I could use up to four Disk [ drives, or clines that interface tot he standard Disk ][ card, for some systems that I am working on.


I have a spare DuoDisk as a possible trade, if that interests anyone. I personally like Ace A10s, and the turn-level style clone drives, if you have those. Otherwise, stock Disk ][s will suffice.  I only care that the drives connect to a standard Disk ][ controller--becasuse of some things that I am doing that require this.


If anyone happens to have a Disk ///, please LMK. I would like to try something with one of those drives, as well. 

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Disk ]['s

Hi Timelord,

I have tons of Disk ]['s in working condition, most look pretty okay, and the cards for them.  I would certainly sell you four of them as cheaply as I can.  However I'm in the USA and I think that you're in the UK?  So shipping might be prohibitive.  How would you like to proceed?Mutant_Pie

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