Spectrol Trim Pot Numbers?

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Spectrol Trim Pot Numbers?

Can anyone clue me on on what the numbers are on the correct Spectrol trim pot " 62-1-1/2 101". I assume these are not just a part number but are outlining some sort of tolerances? I am builing my replica as a fantasy piece using as many period correct pieces as I can but taking liberties with brands of parts. I was hoping to find a different brand but same era trim pot.

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For my replica NTI board I

For my replica NTI board I was as able to find a component that looks the same and has the same resistance. It's a Spectrol 75H101 marked with "3329H" on one side and "713T 1 001" on the other. The Spectrol logo precedes the "3329H" marking. For comparison the 75H501 is a 500 Ohm trimpot while the 75H200 is a 20 Ohm trimpot (all look the same, but wrong resistance scale).

You can see a list with specifications here which puts the resistance tolerance to +/-10%.

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