Apple IIe System Test Fails

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Apple IIe System Test Fails

I get "RAM 00100000" on my screen when I hold both Apple keys down during boot.  I can remove all cards and get the same thing.  I have replaced the 3rd of 8 RAM chips, after desoldering suspect RAM and soldered in a socket before putting new RAM in.  The 4th and 5th chips are also socketed and I tried swapping those as well.  I can enter and run a BASIC program, but booting from floppy doesn't work.  Help!

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Himaybe there is a broken


maybe there is a broken trace? If not mistaken those chips run in parallel. You should be able to quickly check continuity between the corresponding legs of the memory chips.  

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Hi,You can also swap the


You can also swap the original suspect RAM chip with another socketed one and see if the Diag behave differently.

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