Amiga / Atari mouse to USB converter

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Amiga / Atari mouse to USB converter

tinkerBOY Amiga/Atari Mouse To USB Converter - It works with an atari and amiga mouse for now but will soon add c64 mouse support.

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Interesting. I personally

Interesting. I personally tend to buy C1350 mice as they are digital and I can adapt them to any old computer or console with Atari style digital input, or even things like the NES/SNES/MegaDrive. I do the same thing with Atari trackballs (e.g. CX-81). At one point, I had both trackballs and mice for a number of consoles just to play games like Rampart or Shadowgate in style. 


I do have a bin of mice that includes 1351s, Atari ST mice, and a few Amiga mice, but IDK why I would need to use them on a modern PC other than for novelty factor. I may buy one of your adapters once you implement 1351, just to support the project. 

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