finding a SWTPC replacement keycap

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finding a SWTPC replacement keycap

dfnr2's thread reminded me of a SWTPC keyboard for which I need to find a replacement X keycap. How do I go about identifying what I need? The stem is a big larger than a cherry stem. Does anybody recognize it, or do I need to get exact measurements?

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Tom, I may have these, but

Tom, I may have these, but they are jet black. They come from an old TTY.

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Curious — those switches look

Curious — those switches look like the series I am considering to be Mechanical Enterprises (MEI) LFW. One of SWTPC’s keyboards used LFW-CT switches. I’d like to see that keyboard in more detail, if I may.

At a guess, it looks like those switches may take the same keycaps as MEI T-5 series. I don’t recall anyone selling keycaps (I didn’t manage to obtain any from the manufacturer). I have a few of them, but not Apple style — mine are British-made Devlin keycaps.

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PM Sent

PM Sent

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I've had success making

I've had success making silicon molds and casting in resin, FWIW. That would be my fallback plan. Careful painting could make for a decent replacement.

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