Powerbook g4 12” battery

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Powerbook g4 12” battery

I am looking for a battery for the powerbook g4 12 '' A1104.I have found -

PowerBook G4 12" Battery-new

Genuine Original Apple PowerBook G4 12 inches Li-ION Battery Replaces M8984 M9324 A1022 A1079, ,Voltage :10.8 Volts,Capacity: 4400mAh

www.usedmac.com www.usedmac.com


Apple PowerBook G4 12 inch laptop battery A1022 A1079 M9324 M9572 M8984 M8760 M8984



http://www.batteryrefill.com/laptops/apple/PowerBook_G4_Aluminum_12.phtmlWell, aliexspress - $ 21. Apple has not been producing them for a long time, but I do not think that in 2020 there is a problem to produce a high-quality 10.8 v 4400 mah battery. But according to reviews on the internet, they do not work well. Where to buy? Can anyone advise? Or is it easier to buy a Samsung IRC18650-22F and replace the six cells yourself.Does anyone have any positive experience?

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Replacing the cells is

Replacing the cells is possible to do, but for best results it requires a specialized tab welder. Soldering the cells is somewhat dangerous as they should not be exposed to heat.

The other problem is that the batteries contain a BMS chip that may have gone into protection mode, if the battery was completely drained for a long time. Resetting the chip also requires special equipment and techniques.

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