New ROM-PACK for Juke-Box Board

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New ROM-PACK for Juke-Box Board
Dear friends,
since some of you are building Replicas, I thought to integrate in the ROM-PACK for the Apple-1 Juke-Box board the well-known RAM TEST by Mike Willegal.
It will certainly come in handy, trust me... ;-)
The code has been relocated to be executable directly from the ROM and is therefore immediately available without typing it nor loading it from other media.
It is also possible to test more RAM in the $0 block, as the program now resides in a different location.
The instructions for using the program are inside the ZIP file containing the 2 Mbit (256 kB) ROM image, available here:
(ROM-PACK version 2021-7-25)
And also:
  • DRAM Challenge: Uncle Bernie's program to test deeply the 4 kB of RAM in the $E bank.
  • Codebreaker: Uncle Bernie's game, similar to the traditional Codebreaker, but the program will also try to discover your secret code! No cheating...!
More info in the changelog files.
Enjoy! :-)
Claudio - P-LAB
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Eprom Flash

Hello Claudio,Thanks very much! that sounds good.I have to admit, I have never worked with your Flash Prom and never installed the EEprom28cxx.Are your new files now ready to rewrite the built-in 29c020 flash?Does that work with a "normal" Eprom burner like TTL866?I have 29c040 here to test (and the bridge is already attached to the back of the jukebox. Thank you very much

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Hi!Yes, new files are for


Yes, new files are for 29c020.

If you plan to use a 29c040 (that should work as well) remember to copy the ROM.BIN twice in order to have a 512 kB file.

The golden rule here is to never leave blank portions in the Flash/*ROM/whatever, or the Program Manager might hang.

TL866 is perfect, I use it often as well.

I suggest you also to make a backup of the 29c020, just in case of unexpected problems... ;-)

Let me know how it goes!

Have a nice day,




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