Macintosh classic ii Ram

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Macintosh classic ii Ram

Im just wondering if macintosh SE or macintosh color classic ram would work on a Macintosh classic ii?

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They all use 30-pin non-parity SIMMs, so in that respect they are compatible, but they are not always going to be the right capacity.

A SE can only use 256KB or 1MB SIMMs, which are not going to be as useful in a Classic II. Memory in a SE might also be too slow for a Classic II.

The Classic II and Color Classic use the same type of SIMMs (1MB or 4MB) and you can move memory between these two machines reliably.

Maximum memory for a Classic II is 2MB onboard + 2x 4MB SIMMs for 10 MB total.

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These days you need to be at

These days you need to be at the MAX memroy that whatever model you have can support.


I have a Classic II that I need to figure out why it isn't working...  I just haven't had time to look at it.


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