Stereo Speech for Mockingboard and Phasor Sound Cards

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Stereo Speech for Mockingboard and Phasor Sound Cards

In an article written by Steve Ciarcia entitled "Build a Third-Generation Phonetic Speech Synthesizer" (BYTE, March 1984, Vol. 9, No. 3), he mentions stereo speech for a Mockingboard equipped with 2 SSI-263 ICs. However, this feature appears to have been a curiosity for engineers and advanced hobbyists. Does anyone know of Apple II applications which utilized stereo speech? I am especially interested in hearing from former Sweet Micro Systems and/or Applied Engineering--for the Phasor--employees!

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I don't know of any

I don't know of any commercial software that used two speech chips on a Mockingboard.  There isn't a lot out there that even uses one.  Few people every had two chips on their cards, even back when those chips weren't stupidly expernsive like they are now.  Sadly the cards themselves didn't sell in big enough quantities for them to get supported that widely in general and a large portion of the Mockingboards that were sold I would guess had no speech chip installed at all.


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