Making your Apple II useful as a *nix terminal

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Making your Apple II useful as a *nix terminal

Hi all,


In my spare time, I've been messing around with getting my II+ talking with a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (a Debian Linux distrib) as a terminal. To my surprise, I have actually carved out some success in doing so, despite the II+ being more or less barely able to do so.


For example, booting up my II+ (after a short load time for Modem Mgr) results in a Linux login prompt on an 80x24 screen.. After login, I have a fully case-sensitive and usable Linux shell, from which I can transfer files using rz/sz, browse the web text-only, hop on irc or discord, send and recieve email via pine, even run local tools and apps that support window-based text interfaces.


It's taken me a couple weeks (and a LOT trial and error) to knock the dust off my Linux admin skills to make this work.. 


Would anybody be interested in a brief tutorial? I'm not sure what the average skill level here is, or if I might be preaching to the choir.

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I would be interested. I was

I would be interested. I was a Linux administrator for some time, and actually, have my 1st II plus coming soon hopefully. 

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This got me curious and I

This got me curious and I think it can be done using a wireless serial gateway such as

If you open up a telnet port on the computer you wish to have a terminal on I think you can use such an adapter to log onto the computer.

I made my own PCB for such a device last night





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