Homage to Steve Jobs / Remake of "Think different" campaign

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Homage to Steve Jobs / Remake of "Think different" campaign



Tomorrow (October, 5th), it will be ten years Steve Jobs has gone. In preparation for a docmuentary of the re-creation of the Apple-1 manuals, I did a remake of the 1997 campaign "Think different." originally voiced by Richard Dreyfuss. The wording has been changed slightly to reverse the angle of the copy: While the original script targeted creative minds as potential users of Apple computers, it is now an homage to the "crazy ones" Steve and Woz.

In memory of Steve Jobs ("Here is to the crazy ones…")

Hope you enjoy!







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It is cool to remember! This

It is cool to remember! This two person are part of the history and Woz also the present.

I have built a chatbot of Steve Jobs for Amiga Computers (I know it is not Apple but i was able to program it with the voice and image only in AMIGA, it is in BASIC language)

IF you want to have a look at it this is the link> AMIGA Steve Jobs Chatbot.


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