USB ports are disabled.

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USB ports are disabled.

Hi there!! When plugging any accesories into the usb ports, a popup window says it has been disabled because a device is using too much power. I've tried resetting the SMU, PRAM, disconnected the battery for 10 minutes. Nothing works. The only other advice I've read is that the logic board may need to be replaced.

What can I do short of replacing the logic board.

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Just thinking aloud but I

Just thinking aloud but I wonder if there are some caps in the machine on the 5V rail to smooth the feed to the USB device and it (they) have failed meaing when the USB is put on the bus, the inrush current pulls the voltage down and triggers the protection ?


What Mac is it ?

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What are you plugging in? And

What are you plugging in? And is directly into the computer or into a keyboard?

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