6100/66 DOS Compatibility

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6100/66 DOS Compatibility

So  I am restoring a PowerMac 6100/66 DOS Compatibility computer and setting up new software on the SCSI2SD I installed on it (which by the way seems much, much slower than even the 500MB HDD that was original to it.)

I am still learning when it comes to classic MAC OS, I was wondering if someone could point me to a few applications on Macintosh Garden or another site. I am looking first for a program I have seen that came on my Macintosh LC and various SE's where in the upper left of desktop was a blinking icon to let you know the hard drive activity.


Secondly I was looking for a program that would display hardware specific information. On OSX you can list detailed hardware specifics but on older MAC OS's there is no way I know of. What program would you recommend to display cpu type/speed, cache, rom versions, etc for machine specific hardware info?





edit: Also, how can I open DMG files on MAC OS 8?

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legacy Mac Software

I do remember the blinking dot for HD activity; but I cannot remember the name.

And let me think about an app that detailed the inner workings of the legacy Mac.

In the meantime, check this guy out:


and try Macintoshgarden.org, and MacGUI.com and MacintoshRepository.org

I picked up a Mac 6100/66 with the DOS card so that I could access America Online in DOS to play Hearts back in the mid-90s, and put it in my office, so I could use a Mac during "working hours" and play Hearts when not bogged down otherwise! :) 

I am currently upgrading a recapped Mac SE/30 with lots of downloaded legacy software, to fiddle around with software that I could not afford back in the early 90s!

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