ADTpro and Apple Super Serial Card

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ADTpro and Apple Super Serial Card

Hey, I just recently picked up an Apple ][+ from eBay and have been looking forward to loading software onto it, unfortunately the disc drive didn't seem to work properly and would boot anything. So, I've been trying to troubleshoot by using Adtpro with my super serial card to see if I have any problem with the disc drive then. Unfortunately, this also did not seem to work, I could only choose the COM4 slot and not 1, 2, or 3. I thought that was weird but I continued only to find that after I typed in the commands on my Apple 2 I was not getting an SSC prompt, which I am apparently supposed to get. I am just extremely exhausted at this point and was wondering if anyone might be able to help me troubleshoot? I'm completely out of ideas and as the Apple 2+ isn't ver popular in the retro computer community there isn't a lot of support online. This might sound like a rant but I am just fed up with everything going wrong.

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What slot is your SSC in? 

What slot is your SSC in?  How is the configuration block installed (the black plug)?  What are the dip switches set to?  What cable are you using on the SSC?  What kind of serial port on the modern computer side?  Real serial port or a USB Serial converter?  What OS are you running the modern computer side on?


I don't really know a lot about ADT Pro, but I imagine for trouble shooting all this is going to matter?  Are you following a guide document for using ADT?  If not you might google and see if you can find one, preferably something that has debugging instructions in it.


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All questions raised by

All questions raised by @softwarejanitor are relevant. But you should also take a look at

and at least the support discussion:


and probably:


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