Anyone cloned the Apple II Mouse Card

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Anyone cloned the Apple II Mouse Card

Just wondering, something that could take a real serial mouse and/or PS2/USB etc -- shouldn't be too hard given the most excellent cards that are being developped all around!


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There was a card made back in

There was a card made back in the day that would take a serial mouse (RS232).  That card has been cloned and could be again.  A card that can use a USB mouse would be far more useful today though.  Serial mice have not been readily available for years.

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MacEffects is temporarily

MacEffects is temporarily offline, but they do normally sell a card that allows the use of a standard 9pin serial mouse.  Probably the same card/design mentioned in the previous post. 



Semi related, Big Mess O Wires sells the ADB wombat that allows you to use a usb mouse and keyboard with a IIgs (or ADB Mac). It can also do the reverse, use an ADB keyboard/mouse with a modern pc. 

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In that case, likely this

In that case, likely this could be used in conjunction with the clone serial mouse card or at least provide proof of concept

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Quadrature mice

Using multiple stages of converters (or even a single stage) can exceed the power budget as well as introducing communication problems.

Inside every optomechanical mouse is a quadrature encoder. And those are the raw signals output from the Apple mouse, as well as the Microsoft InPort and other "bus mice". There is no need to "translate" from serial or PS/2 or USB protocols when the necessary signals are inside all of those mice and simply need to be brought out on wires.

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