Apple-1 basic rom card

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Apple-1 basic rom card

Someone, I can’t recall who, had created an Apple-1 extension card with basic in ROM/EPROM. They gave me one at the VCF West and I wanted to thank them and ask if I can buy another one from them. Anyone know who the person is or chime in if it was you?


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Re: Apple-1 basic rom card

Hi Corey,

That was me.  I wanted a BASIC EPROM card and of course you can't just have one board made so I ended up with a lot of them.  How about $20 plus whatever shipping turns out to be?




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It's a good deal Corey

It's a good deal Corey ... don't forget to take note of the jumper configuration for it.  Simplistic but effective design.

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Apple-1 basic rom card

Hi Kevin,


Could I buy one or two as well?




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