Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

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Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

As you may know, Colorado experienced major flooding in 2013. My house was effected, and an Apple ][ (that I didn't even know we had) was in the basement and got wet. Now, it won't boot. There is a Microsoft memory expansion in it, and that has a few lights that come on when I turn on the power, but other than that, there is no evidence that it is on. If anyone has something I could try, please reply.

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Re: Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

You should be thinking about blowing compressed dry air into and underneath every IC, socket, etc. including the keyboard to insure there is no water or moisture trapped between surfaces.
I'd be doing this ASAP. Trapped water is absolutely NOT a friend to the Apple ][

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Re: Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

I would disassemble it all, leave it on the sun for a day, or inside rice. Then open up the Power supply, most likely something is bad in there. Good luck.

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Re: Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

there are several threads treating the resurection of an Apple II ....

some of them related to previous floods ( Catrina etc. )
some contain valuable hints ....
order of dismounting,
order of cleaning and drying
checking the powersupply
order of checking the mainboard
a bunch of that threads also show pictures...

i´d recommend to check out for that threads using the search function....
sincerely speedyG

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Re: Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

When that happens to me, I use Isopropyl Alcohol on the water. It will combine with the water and then it will evaporate faster since alcohol evaporates faster than water.

Isopropyl Alcohol is also a cleaner. It will clean some of the dirt.

Alcohol also dissolves oil.

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Re: Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

What a horrible feeling that must have been.

Be careful using even Isotropy Alcohol to clean things - it will erase any ink stamping AND the motherboard manufacture date unless you are very careful.

Hope you are able to recover!!


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