Apple 2 Plus Power Supply Clicking [HELP]

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Apple 2 Plus Power Supply Clicking [HELP]

I have been reading for some time now about why this happens. I have found no resistors that could be suspect. I have replaced the capacitor with the one they have suggested. When I power it on without any load it makes a chirping noise. IS there a way to fix this? I can send Pictures if needed. I found the old apple and wanted to fix it but the powersupply went boom and smoked when I tried to power it up. I replaced the RIFA cap that exploded. I ahve a AA11040B model powersupply. I attempted to measure the power supply voltages but they were way off! I found a thread similar to this one but it didnt help. Thanks in advance!

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If it chirps when you turn it

If it chirps when you turn it on it could be the 220 uF capacitor.

It's the small one that's sitting by itself about 1/3 of the way from the high voltage side.


Have you got any voltage at all on any of the four outputs?




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