Apple 2 repair service - ?

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Apple 2 repair service - ?

Any websites that repair/service Apple 2 computers?



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More details

It will depend on where you are located.

Part of the fun of retrocomputing is keeping the older gear going and learning about how it works so you can do so. You would get a lot of help in troubleshooting your gear in this forum. You would also likely break something, I lost count of the times I accidentally broke a priceless historical artifact while trying to maintain it. Nevertheless, the experience is useful as I can usually fix things without breaking them now :)

I accept that the approach to one's hobby will depend on one's background, I more or less grew up in an electronics factory so I suppose I am quite comfortable with a soldering iron in my hand, and I have always wanted to learn more about what goes on under the hood. But there are others who enjoy the hobby in much the same way as one drives a car, i.e. it works and you never really need to look under the hood.

So returning to your question, shipping is going to be a real problem for something as bulky as a computer, so you will want someone local. If you are located in Melbourne, Australia then I know a dude who at least knows someone who does things like recapping and repairs, but I expect it would be expensive. Anyway, let us know your location, and if you have a specific problem to fix then let us know what it involves.

If it's about buying something on ebay, then I would strongly suggest that if you aren't confident to repair things, then buy a tested and working system off the bat. It will save you an enormous amount of trouble.

cheers, Nick

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What major city are you near?  I'm sure there are plenty of people on here that would be willing to help.

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 I lost count of the times I

 I lost count of the times I accidentally broke a priceless historical artifact while trying to maintain it

This is the kind of stuff I don't read often, and I thank you bvery much for writing it "out loud".

 I have myself killed a toshiba T1100 while fixing a stupid detail, basically "overdoing" it. I've since learned that viontage computers (like vintage cars) can't be brought back to their initial youth, and that you have to live with some imperfections. Trying to make them perfect inevitably leads to breaking them.

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Which model Apple II (][. ][+

Which model Apple II (][. ][+. //e. //c, IIgs)?


As said...  where are you at?  I'm in the Austin, TX area...  I'm not in the business, but I could probably help you out if you are near.



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