Apple Computer A Clone - running 6800 Processor

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Apple Computer A Clone - running 6800 Processor

Alright, with the first 6502-based Apple computer A clone completed and running, next would be one running 6800 processor. As some of the builders requested, I will include mods for 6800-based Apple computer A clone in the assembly guideline and will share soon. The board on the top runs 6502 processor and the bottom one 6800 processor. I have 5~6 bare boards left.





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Too cool!

Too cool!  Congrat's Mike for getting this to work.

I'm "almost done" building my board ... Just need some tme away from house projects.

Thanks for posting the images too.

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Wow, Michael, this is amazing!

Congratulations! :-)

I can't wai it see them with the SWTPC video board... ;-)


Well done!

Best Regards,

Claudio - P-LAB

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