Apple Fritters: Am I crazy?!?

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Apple Fritters: Am I crazy?!?

So I've gone to Dunkin Donuts occasionally all my life. I switch it up and try different types of donuts. Every once in a while I feel like an apple fritter.

Years ago, I didn't really want to try an apple fritter because I don't like jelly filled donuts, and I figured apple fritters would have some sort of apple compote-type filling. Well, to my surprise I learned from a friend there was no filling in an apple fritter, it was just delicious fried dough with some little pieces of what looked like apples here and there.

Well, imagine my surprise when yesterday I went to the Dunkin by my work, got an apple fritter, and found it had a jelly-like apple filling! I had to throw it away because I didn't care for it. But, more importantly, I'm now confronted with the strange question: How have I had approximately 25 Dunkin apple fritters in my lifetime and only now encountered one with the apple filling?!? Is there supposed to be apple filling in there? Is there a general Dunkin Donuts laziness that just neglects to put the filling in Apple Fritters nationwide? How is this possible?!?

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That wasn't an apple fritter.

That wasn't an apple fritter.

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Apple Fritters

The good ones have lots of apple in them.  I have had some decent ones, and some terrible ones where they cheaped out on the apple content and probably ladled under-mixed batter out from the top of the mix.

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