Apple I replica mimeo kit

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Apple I replica mimeo kit

Hello to everyone.


I've got an Apple I Replica Mimeo I'm assembling and debugging.

I've bought the Apple I Kit from Unicorns.


I friend of mine has got a Mimeo PCB too but he has not the Kit.

Do you know where can I find a part list totally compatible with the kit I've bought?

This friend of mine doesn't have the opportunity to spend $ 666,66.


Many thanks. :-)



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You can start with the build

You can start with the build manual that I wrote some time back.  Most generic parts of the correct type work fine.



Mike Willegal





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One thing to be aware of is

One thing to be aware of is that some LS chips don't work because they mess up timing.  So try not to substitute "speed" for the chips.  If it says 74S257, then don't use a 74LS257.  If it says 74123, don't use 74ls123.


The only hard to find chips, if you don't care to be authentic to manufacturer or date, are the shift registers.  The 2519 and 2504V can be expensive and there are a lot of bad chips floating around.





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