Apple II IEEE-488 Interface Manual

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Apple II IEEE-488 Interface Manual

I recently acquired an Apple II IEEE-488 interface manual in English (Asimov version is German). Does anyone have an interest? I haven't scanned it yet but if there are interested folks I'll increase the priority on it. Since I have about 2000 projects banked, that should have it done by 2035. I'm actually interested in using it with my IIe Platinum but haven't got the space just yet to hook things up and haven't created the adapter cable for the card...

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Would appreciate a scan

I would appreciate a scan of the manual, but it is not urgent. I have an IEEE-488 card, but I have never installed it in my Apple II and tried to use it. I do not have any equipement that have IEEE-488 interface, except for some HP disk drives. 

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