Apple II plus ADTPro problem

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Apple II plus ADTPro problem

have an apple II+ with 64K and I am trying to use ADTPro 1.19 with an audio cable. I have tried a PC and a macbook, and 2 different audio cables and multiple volume levels. It pretty much always succeeds in transferring the PRODOS info and beeps. I hit 2000g and enter and it shows PRODOS 8 v1.9 but there is no cursor available to type anything and it's frozen. I have to hit control reset to get a prompt then I try to load prodos audio client and it fails.

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Re: Apple II plus ADTPro problem

in the beginning I faced nearly the same problems, so here my several advices:
1. use the PC - its less difficult than the mac.
2. Soundlevel should be something between 75% and 80% of top level.
3. If you start at the PC its usefull to keep all 3 resized windows beside each other to have a view to them all.
first window schould be ADT Window
second should be the instructions of ADT in a window from acrobat reader
You´ll get that by viewing it in the browser and then giving the print instruction and there selecting the
PDF-Printer Option ( if you don´t have one get it from internet download lfrom cnet or tocows and install '
it )
third window should be a resized MS-DOS-command window.
4. Before entering the Go-command at the apple, do first a list as shown in the instructions from ADT and really
compare each line byte by byte ! Rather often the fail is caused by one single typing mistake or by entering to
early an Enter ( for example an Enter after the Go- command ! )!
5. Use a stereo to mono cable ( stereo in PC - mono in Apple ) If you make the cable by yourself connect at PC-side
left and right channel. Check the firm sitting of both plugs ( sometimes in old apples the plugin connector is
"aged and not tight"
6. Make sure that a good empty Disk ( SS, DD ) is in DISK II !
7. Control in ADT window the configuration before executing the Go-Command and control that configuration
immediatly after Prodos is loaded again before you continue with the ADT client!
8. I got that running with audio, but later moved to use the Super Serial Card due to the fact that transmission is
faster and more reliable.
9. If every thing is running correct this is viewable in the prodos window, because in the upper left corner there is a
fast scrolling small field.... if that small window is not viewable there went something wrong allready before
Prodos got finished and loaded corecctly ( see No.4 )!

10. In the client be sure to really type precisely the same names ! Because the Apple II only does UPPER case this
might make it neccessary to rename at the PC-side the filenames and make sure not to use lowercase or
nonealphabetical signs ! I always renamed to very short upper case names to avoid misstyping !

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Re: Apple II plus ADTPro problem

Thanks! I'll give that a try!

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