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Apple IIC Plus

I recently stumbled across an Apple IIc Plus!

Has the 3.5" built in floppy drive, and internal power supply.

But I have a lot of questions!!

I believe they started selling these in 1988, and continued until 1991. Anybody know for sure? (I can't even find a copy of the owner's manual for the IIc Plus yet!)

Also I can't find any production numbers, not even SWAGs about how many were produced. Anybody??

I'm guessing that any power supply of that era will have the capacitor problem - but does anyone know if this is the case with these? (And if they are easily replaced like the earlier II/II+ power supply capacitors?)

The last one of these I saw on eBay sold for more than 600.00 with 2 loose keys on the keyboard!!!

And lastly, does anyone have a lead on a spare power supply for the IIc Plus? I'd like to have one in reserve just in case this one pops a capacitor...

Thanks all!


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Re: Apple IIC Plus

Looks like you are too late. Then auction has ended.

Here's link for the Apple II timeline.

As for the manual, here's the link for that also.

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Re: Apple IIC Plus

the old usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2 is sometimes a help for questions like this

here is a snippet from a post in 1999 about production numbers. It cites around 100k original Apple II produced, but I think the number is probably closer to 40k (serials go as high as 77k, but with big gaps). It also cites 100k for the Apple IIc+.

It would be interesting to see if any of the early Apple company annual reports gave production numbers. Probably not, but if anyone has access through their university library it would be nice to know.

Supertimer wrote:
> (Perry Dueck) wrote:
> >I'm curious...
> >
> >Does anyone know the approximate (or even exact) numbers of each model in
> >the Apple II family that were manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc.?
> About 12 million from publications I've read. This includes
> "II at Work" from the late '80s/early '90s and "Compute!"
> magazine.
> >-Apple ][
> >-Apple ][ Plus
> >-Apple //e (both beige and platinum)
> >-Apple //c (all)
> >-Apple IIc Plus
> >-Apple IIgs (all ROM versions)
> I ----- approx. 400
> ][ ----- approx. 100,000
> ][+ ----- approx. 1 million
> ][e ----- approx. 6 million
> ][c ----- approx. 3 million
> ][c+ ----- approx. 100,000
> ][gs ----- approx. 1.5 million
> >...according to some info I pulled off of Apple's web site a couple of
> >years ago which contained a corporate timeline of the company, it stated
> >that in November of 1993 - "After 17 years of active duty and 5 million
> >units shipped, the Apple II line is quietly discontinued."
> That 5 million most likely refers to the Apple IIe. If not, the
> author of that web site probably confused IIe with the entire
> Apple II line.

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Re: Apple IIC Plus

This should help:

Steven Smile

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Re: Apple IIC Plus

The power supply in the IIc+ was a very high quality Sony unit. The caps are, so far, doing well, because you almost never hear about these things going bad. Replacing bad caps on one of these power supplies doesn't look like it would be too hard.


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Re: Apple IIC Plus

Pretty sure the *total* is 5-6 million. Not just the IIe. All of the Apple II line...
These graphs don't even talk about the Vic-20, which was the first computer to sell a million units.

Radio Shack ruled the Trinity years, and Commodore ruled the 80's, as far as sales numbers. Apple limited their sales by being very expensive.

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Re: Apple IIC Plus

rittwage wrote:
Apple limited their sales by being very expensive.

A trend that is carried on and kept alive by the eBay hucksters. Blum 3

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