Apple IIC Plus For Sale - New/Never Used With AppleMonitor, Processor/Keyboard, Software/Manuals As Shipped From Apple In 1988

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Apple IIC Plus For Sale - New/Never Used With AppleMonitor, Processor/Keyboard, Software/Manuals As Shipped From Apple In 1988

New & Never Used Apple IIC Plus For Sale

I have a new and never used much less powered on Apple IIC Plus that I am offering for sale.

This complete system includes all original factory components including:

- Apple IIC Plus combination system featuring a combined processor & keyboard cabinet in its original Apple beige cabinet with a 3.5" floppy drive
- Original system cables
- Apple monochrome monitor
- Apple II system software and manual
- Apple Touch of Basic
- Apple monitor stand
- Even those Apple sticker are included

The background of this system is that it was shipped to the company I worked where it was then placed in a closet at the office and basically forgotten about. A few years ago I found it while cleaning out an unused equipment storage area. I posted an entry hear years back about it but only received a few PM's about it and the offers at that time were on the order of someone believing that it was worth only for the price of parts which I declined.

So now 25 years after it was originally built by Apple I am still in possession of this vintage system and once again am offering for sale once again, hopefully to someone who either has vivid memories of using an Apple IIC Plus years ago or is simply an Apple enthusiast. As one person put it to me it is like going into your garage one day to clean it up and finding a brand new 64 Ford Mustang with 8 miles on the odometer - having never been driven before except home from the dealer yet it is 2013.

Finally the original FedEx shipping box contains three component shipping boxes which I have obviously opened. Only the Apple shipping box has been opened where it was taped up at the factory. The processor-keyboard cabinet is still enclosed in the original factory shrink wrap. Other than that the manuals and software diskettes are still in their original shrink wrap as well. The Apple monitor and monitor stand boxes are remain unopened.

Again none of the system components have ever been plugged in much less powered on since it was originally shipped from Apple. As such I guarantee that this is the case - an original unused system built by Apple with its original factory components. It is not refurbished or has anyone been under its skins since it was built. As such I can not attest to its operation until someone finally unwraps it and powers it on.

I have attached pictures of the system and its components that I took on August 13th 2013 for everyone to take a look at.

If you would like any further information on this Apple IIC Plus or to see the original size pictures please contact me via a PM.

I would like to think that this computer system sill serve as a real find to an Apple enthusiast and/or collector.

Depending on the offering price I might consider waving the shipping costs to the purchaser - including insurance. Payment method would be via PayPal.



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Re: Apple IIC Plus For Sale - New/Never Used With ...


Did you sell the Apple IIc Plus?



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Re: Apple IIC Plus For Sale - New/Never Used With ...

I'd like to know if its sold as well.

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