Apple IIc questions...

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Apple IIc questions...

I just picked up an Apple IIc and I have a couple of questions. It came with an external 5.25" drive, a couple of joysticks and a mono monitor. I have no disks to test. Without a physical floppy disk or the ability to make one, is there anything that I can do to test this computer? It powers on just fine and I get the Apple IIc line at the top of the screen and Check Disk Drive at the bottom... I plugged in the external drive and it doesn't do much of anything (I see the red power light flash briefly when I turn on the computer).

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Re: Apple IIc questions...

Control-Closed Apple-Reset

Also, type in a BASIC program?

Go to the FS forum and say you want to buy a disc and have someone to mail it to you. You might want to get a floppy drive cleaner to run before a real disc.

Congratulations on the IIc!

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Re: Apple IIc questions...

You can make floppies from images on the web. You need a PC that has a serial port (com1), a cable and a program called ADTpro. Do a search here for ADTPro, there are many articles. The ADTPro site will give you info on the cable and let you download the free software. There are many Youtube videos on the program and how to use it.
If you are getting the APPLE//c at the top of the screen and the internal drive makes some noise when powering on you should be good to go. After doing what is mentioned in the post above try typing some text to make sure the keyboard is working.
Good luck.

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