Apple IIe cross-assembler IDE

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Apple IIe cross-assembler IDE

Hello to all!

I'm using the AppleWin emulator with Merlin Pro assembler v.2.43 (disk image) and I'm very excited with learning 6502 assembly language with the help of Assembly Lines: The complete book by Roger Wagner.

But I would like to use an assembler that makes the whole procedure (writing programs and assembling) a lot easier and faster.

For that reason I would like to know IF there is any decent:

a) cross-assembler
b) with IDE (editor/assembler/disassembler/debugger etc.) (not command-line) (I'm using Windows 10)
c) for the 65c02 CPU
d) that uses syntax similar to the Merlin Pro assembler

Thanks in advance! Smile

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Apple IIe cross-assembler IDE

a) cross-assemblers, there are many:
b) and I know there is another one but I can't think of the name of it (I'm not using that particular OS you mentioned)
c) Many of those cross-assemblers work with 65c02 including Merlin32,
d) and what about Merlin32 ?

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Thanks for the reply!

Well, the solution of Merlin32 for Visual Studio is indeed the ONLY solution on the whole internet and it is very close to what I want (an IDE that does everything, from writing text file to running a binary file) uses the syntax of Merlin 16+ which is 80% compatible with the syntax from Merlin Pro, which I am using. Besides, trying to make this program work is very difficult for me, cause I never used Visual Studio and there is no documentation with the program to describe what to do and how to do it.


At least, is there a text editor for Windows that has syntax highlighting 100% compatible with Merlin Pro (not Merlin 8/16/16+)?

If not, I guess I have to do it like the old days. Using Merlin's build-in text editor.....

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