Apple IIe keyboard

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Apple IIe keyboard

In the beginning of the eighties I owned an Apple II computer. I sold this a few years later. And now I recently bought an Apple IIe.


The computer has a stange keyboard though.  I never saw an Apple IIe with a compbined keyboard  QWERTY/AZERTY, switchable with a tiny switch on the below side of the keybaord on the beveled side.

It's design and the keyboard print does suggest it's been so from the factory. But is it?



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Sure... That's a French machine then (or French-Canadian) - with the French keyboard layout as an alternate. Actually all the European-Apple //e had that little keyboard rocker switch to switch between the standard US and local character set. The switch selects the keyboard mapping (local vs US) and switches the video ROM between local and US character set. Even the UK Apple's had the switch - even if it's local character set only differed in the pound character (I think)...

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