Apple IIe Super Serial Output as Keyboard Input for PC

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Apple IIe Super Serial Output as Keyboard Input for PC

Hey All -

I have an Apple IIe with two super serial cards, and am using it successfully with ADT Pro & VDrive connected to a Raspberry Pi. I use the Pi as a virtual drive, etc.

What I’m really trying to get working now is to use one of the Apple II’s serial outputs as a keyboard input for my PC. I can connect one of the SSC ports to a USB-to-serial converter, fire up a terminal emulator on each system, and easily send text back and forth, etc. But having the PC recognize this data as USB KB input is a diff ask altogether.

I have found a few apps which were made for barcode scanners, and they almost accomplish what I’m trying to do. They buffer characters received on the PC COM port and send them to the PC cursor after a Carriage Return or Line Feed (customizable) is received. They would be perfect if they would pass on this data as soon as it is received on the COM port from the Apple SSC.

Apps tried so far:
MicroRidge WedgeLink

Hardware tried:
MetroLogic MX009 RS232 to USB Keyboard Converter

Anyone have any thoughts on this?