Apple IIgs RGB Monitor Runs Hot

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Apple IIgs RGB Monitor Runs Hot

I have an Apple IIgs setup that I would use more if it wasn't for the monitor.


It's the AppleColor RGB A2M6014. It works okay, though some of the geometry could use improvement, but it runs too hot.


By "too hot" I mean that after it's on a while, I can smell the hot electronics, unlike every other vintage CRT I have, and soon after that I can smell the hot plastic of the shell. It's not pleasant and doesn't seem right.


I took the shell off and ran it a while to see if I could pinpoint any components with an infrared thermometer, and other than the tube itself the only things that seem to be really hot are the transistors and resistors on the CRT board. I imagine that with the shell off they don't get quite as hot as they would with the shell on. 


The transistors are [2S]C2688 and since they're bolted to heatsinks they're obviously expected to run warm. The resistors are the big blue 4.7K ones, not sure what wattage they are but they're not the little 1/4W dudes. I saw another thread on here where someone mentioned resoldering, but I'm not clear on how that would be sufficient.


Should I look into replacing some or all of these components if the goal is to get the monitor to run a bit cooler? I have a recap kit for this display, but I don't suspect bad caps at this point.