Apple prototype help?

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Apple prototype help?

Hey guys,

So I recently snagged up a prototype apple Cinema Display. The one with the adc connection. Well it comes with a couple typical and unique changes than the production model. The typical prototype stamp is on it with the illegal to sell or lease before fix approval etc.... But the unique part is it has a black grommet on the front of the display, who knows why I can't test to see if it is a button until the adc adapter gets here later this afternoon. The stand on the back is different than the production model, instead of it curving and screwing into a metal post on the back of the display, it is more of a rounded rectangle. That screws into a see thru plastic handle. Well that's the question... It was broken and repaired, it appears to have been a repair Apple did, it is very clean and strong. Possibly changing apples idea of going with a see their plastic handle into metal. Just wondering if anyone out there, being a long shot, has any information on it.