Apple ][+ for Sale with Mockingboard & Apple Dumpling & Hayes Modem //e

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Apple ][+ for Sale with Mockingboard & Apple Dumpling & Hayes Modem //e

This is my computer from my youth.

My mom is moving so I pulled this baby from the depths of my bedroom's
closet and am I selling to a good home.

Unfortunately the apple ][+ label has fallen off and got swallowed by
some mysterious black hole....

Here is what you get:

apple ][+ with 48k (A2S1048)
additional 64K ram board
Mockingboard SSP-2000-C
Hayes Micromodem //e (1200 baud) - No cables
Apple Dumpling printer interface GX-1.1
Apple Disk ][ I/O card

That's it, no disks, cables, manuals nor other accessories. I have not
plugged it in to test, but it still worked when I moved out of my
mom's house in 1988.

BONUS if you pay full price, I will ship any additional apple
accessories or disks i may find in my next closet cleanout session!
(buyer to pay actual shipping costs). I know i have some disks,
drives and joystiqs in there!

The computer is in good condition, very little dust, the case has some
scratches and dirt (i would rate it a 6)

Asking $250

Thanks for looking,