Apple ][ video signal re-sync? External sync?

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Apple ][ video signal re-sync? External sync?

I'm trying to use my Apple ][ as a text generator for my Panasonic MJ-MX12 mixer. 

The device allows for an external camera for chroma key duties, it requires that the camera signal be in sync and and external sync for the camera is provided.


The Apple ][ is a very cost effective beast so I realise Woz may have designed it in such a way that I cannot just get the raw luma signal without sync. (I'm hoping!)

I don't need colour, I just need the monochrome signal (which is all the Apple really provides, right?) that I can hopefully merge with my "External sync" (which I assume is a black-screen NTSC signal)


I have an Apple ]]+, //e //e enh., //c units.

I'll take whatever I can get to get a functional system.


If it's not possible to get the signal I want, is it possible to remove video sync to reinsert a new sync? I've seen sync separator ICs...