AppleSoft Basic on PC?

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AppleSoft Basic on PC?

Is there a prefered tool on PC for preping ApleSoft Basic rather than codeing directly on the Apple II?




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I use AppleWin, a very nice

I use AppleWin, a very nice Apple II emulator for Windows.

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2nd AppleWin. Between cut'n

2nd AppleWin. Between cut'n'paste, drag'n'drop, access through Ciderpress, and more, it's a pretty good solution.

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Copy and Paste

I code in a Text or Programming editor on the PC or on a Mac.


I use AppleWin and Shift+Insert (yuck!) to paste code that I've copied from the editor.


Or, I use KEGS and Paste to a Terminal window the code that I've copied from the editor.

    KEGS Configuration F4

    ↲ Serial Port Configuration

          Serial Ports = Only use sockets 6501-6502

          Serial Output = Mask off high bit

        √ Modem on port 0 (slot 1) = Simple socket emulation mode



   telnet> mode character 



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