AppleTalk error on startup

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AppleTalk error on startup

I pulled my old IIGS out of storage and booted into the installation of System 6.0.1 that was running when I put her in storage 27 years ago. I think one of the last things I did was try to get the IIGS onto an AppleTalk network with a 68K Mac but I can't recall exactly how or why. But one thing that seems to linger is this startup message: 

"The selected AppleTalk connection could not be found. Be sure it is installed and the slot settings in the Control Panel are correct."


Any ideas on how to eliminate it? I don't see any obvious settings in the System 6.0.1 GS/OS Control Panels to disable Apple Talk and none of the slot settings in the Command-Control-Esc Control Panel indicate AppleTalk is selected.