Apricorn Super Serial Imager (Apricorn SSI) and ADTPRO

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Apricorn Super Serial Imager (Apricorn SSI) and ADTPRO

just posting this as an FYI in case it helps someone else

I'd google'd and found various posts saying users couldn't make this card work with ADTPro. Nor could I...

i found the manual online and once past the confusion therein, it works! SW1 1-8, and SW2 1-8 set as follows 00011101 and 11111011 (1 being on, 0 off)

make sure the serial cable is on the modem pins and the right way round Wink

no idea yet what the busy select pins are really for (beyond the obvious) but mine has one jumper on "I"

in this config control A then 14b works nicely. FYI in case someone else finds this and finds it useful!

cheers Smile