to buy IIe key switch

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to buy IIe key switch

I bought a vintage Apple IIe for $300 in August.

 But the Esc key was broken. It wasn't that the keycap was missing, but the switch was broken at all.

image : 

idk how to upload image


I was going to buy a key switch on eBay. But I heard somewhere that the height of the switch varies depending on the location of the switch. I don't know what to buy.

And yesterday I accidentally broke the left arrow key too :/


(sorry  about bad english)

(cuz im not english guy D: )


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Dr. Buggie on eBay has the

Dr. Buggie on eBay has the key switches.  They're all the same length in a given keyboard.  There are two different lengths for different versions of the keyboard.  You need the long stem black //e key switches.  It's also possible to get just the posts 3d printed and replace just those.



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