Can't Get Early Mac System Images To Mount For Use!

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Can't Get Early Mac System Images To Mount For Use!

Hi all I am trying to open a early Mac System Image with stuffit and disk copy so I can make a 400k boot disk. I have no trouble doing it with any system image from System 6 on, but I need an early system like 3.0 or 3.5 for my 128k and when I try to mount any system earlier than 6 I always get the message no system to mount or no HFS system to mount I think it is and it won't open, but this only happens with the early system images. Any clue why?? Also where can I get an early system image that will actually unstuff/mount, open.

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Re: Can't Get Early Mac System Images To Mount For Use!

Hello DrewsAp,

first i must confess that i´m not that familiar with MAC-stuff like several other members here.
But i probably can give some clues:
In the very early days the MAC OS was rather more similar to the SOS System from the Apple III
than to the HFS system used in later MAC´s. Second thing: I do remember that in that former days
Apple performed a kind of "prototyping release" of software, meaning that they released versions
of the Operation System that was very "buggy" and one release was chased by the next release....
( just comparable to the release of ProDOS at the Apple II series where they released 9 different
versions within less than 4 years.... ) and a bunch of them have not been completely backward compatible.....
and as far as i remember there have been 2 major "breaches" between versions prior to vers.5xx and
the vers 5.xx and later again a major breach between vers. 5xx and 6xx. one of the major incompatibilities
was related to the "finder" as a core part of the operation system. Also compression systems like
stuffit and zip have performed in that days rapid developments and changes ( also by core algorythms ).

Unless another member with more familiar knowledge will reply here to your questions it might be usefull
to post parallel to the thread here also a posting at:
or at:


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Re: Can't Get Early Mac System Images To Mount For Use!

Drew, couple questions. First, where are you getting the images? Second, what machine are you using to create the 400k disks?
Third, would you like every image from system 0.1 through 7.0.1?

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK and you can download the Apple Technical Information Source 2.1 cd image.

It's a CD-R image that's about 500mb in size, so will take a couple mins. to download.
In addition to a ton of other software, it has disk images for every system from the system tools disk 0.1 through system 7.0.1 Install disks.

I ask what machine you are using because I know when I used a Performa 6116 with system 8 (and 9) to make real disks my compact macs (prior to SE/30) were not happy with the disks.
I ended up using either an SE FDHD/Superdrive or an SE/30 running system 6.0.8 to make the disks. I use an iMac G5 running system 10.5.8 to download images from the internet or off of the TIL disks I have (there's more than one) and use Stuffit Expander v14.0.1 (PowerPC Build 116) to unpack the images and then put the images or files (or disk image files...depends on what it is) onto 1.44mb floppy disks with an Imation Superdrive attached to the iMac via USB. I can then use those disks in the SE FDHD or SE/30 (make sure you're running system 6.0.8 as system 7 doesn't always play nice with 400k disk images depending on the version) and Disk Copy, DART or other app (depending on the disk image) to make the actual floppies.

Obviously everyone else is welcome to the disk image as well!

PS - When you click the link you'll get a "No Preview Available" window with a "Download" link. Just click the download link and google drive will then warn you that the file could not be scanned for viruses. Just click the download anyway link and download the file. It is a straight disk image made directly from the TIL CD, it is virus free!

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Re: Can't Get Early Mac System Images To Mount For Use!

Thanks for all the good information guys! So I was trying to open those early systems on a Bondi Blue 333 All In One Mac G3 with OSX 10.2 Jag. I should try to opening on my Mac Classic maybe and see what happens then. I am actually going to go online with the G3 and download that CD image too and try it out. I will let you know if I have any better luck! Sorry for the delayed reply was extremely busy. Thanks again guys!

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