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I've had my CFFA3000 in my Apple IIgs for awhile now, and have played around with it a little. Tonight was the first night that I have had a chance to really mess with it, a lot. All I can say is WOW! This is a great piece of hardware. It is really versatile. I downloaded an HDV file that I had been using, but tonight, I created a blank 32mb disk image on my CF card, and installed a fresh copy of System 6.0.1 from disk images on my USB drive. I wish someone made something like this for an Amiga. I use a CF card as a SCSI hard drive on my Amigas, but I wish there was something with the versatility of the CFFA3000 made for Amiga. I got the remote control as well, and it is very handy when dealing with the Disk II images. I really hope that he does another run of these, as I would really like to have one for my Apple //e. I put the CFFA in my GS in slot 1. I set the Disk II virtual disk up on port 7, and told it set the start scan in slot 6. This way, I can have any image in the Virtual Disk II port, but it won't mess up the boot sequence. Since it starts at 6, I can still boot from my 3.5", or 5.25" drives, and if nothing is in those drives, it boots from the hard disk image on the CF card. But, if I want to boot from the Virtual Disk II, I just have to go into the Control Panel and set the start scan back to slot 7. I know this is simple stuff for veterans, but I haven't been doing anything with Apple computers for very long at all. My High School got a brand new Apple II+ with a single drive, which I think was a Disk II, but not sure, back in 1981 or 1982. I remember messing with it a little, but they also got a new VIC-20, and I went the Commodore way. I did like the Apples very much, just never messed with them much, as I could afford a C64, but not an Apple. I am really enjoying playing around with them now, though. Smile