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Chipset for Apple //

Hello Everyone, 

I hope everyone is doing well.  Just wanted to share something that I have never seen before (and I have been collecting for many years!!).  Last week I was contacted by an older man who is moving and needed to get rid of all of his Apple stuff.  We got some cool stuff including a complete working Apple //GS system and all of the manuals.  We also got the stuff below in one of the various misc boxes.  



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Those chip bags look really nice.

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That is a cool kit.I have the

That is a cool kit.

I have the exact one. 


Repair guides were common amongst Apple User Groups and things like this did exist back in the day.  The Dayton AUG went above and beyond with this repair kit.

This is a pretty great kit (and I've actually used mine on occasion) since it has all the ICs needed for just about any repair that involves a blown chip.



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The repair guide is quite

The repair guide is quite nice, too. I have one in my big things-to-scan stack.

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