Collection of Apple Equipment in MN- Shipping available!

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Collection of Apple Equipment in MN- Shipping available!

I'm about to find myself with dramatically less storage space than I've had available in the recent past, and accordingly my not insignificant collection of aging hardware needs to downsize.
All of the items listed are for sale or trade, and prices are negotiable.

As I'm low on space, I will only trade for the following:
- Power Macintosh 9600
- PowerBook G3 (Kanga)

I will trade nearly any of the items listed, or even a reasonable portion of the entire lot for a 604ev 9600 (300 or 350) in good shape. Additionally, I have a Power Macintosh 6500/250 with Apple's AV kit (TV/FM tuner, S-Video/RF out, S-video/Composite in) which is not for sale, but is available as part of a trade for a 9600.

Pickup is available in most of central Minnesota, though I have no issue with shipping machines. Payment is available in cash (if picked up locally) or PayPal (all other situations). All items have been tested within the last week to ensure that posted information is accurate.

PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, Beautiful Condition - $100
- 1.0Gb PC133 RAM (Original Apple DIMM is included but not installed)
- Original GeForce 2 MX
- Original DVD-RW Superdrive
- Original Seagate 40Gb HDD, installed but disconnected 120Gb Western Digital drive
- Complete set of 4 original restore discs, Original OS 9.2.1 install disc, Original OS 10.1 Install Disc, Apple Hardware Test disc
- Original "Important Apple Software Proof-of-Purchase Coupons", original user's manual, and Welcome to Mac OS X booklet
- Original translucent power cable
- Original mouse/keyboard set is included, but in much poorer condition than the rest of the equipment mentioned here, as this unit was originally in use by a public library- input devices were badly used and abused, but everything else spent its life safely locked away in a well-ventilated under-table tray.

Performa 450, Beautiful Condition - $60
- Used exclusively out of sunlight since original purchase and stored likewise since discontinuation of use- Yellowing is little to none.
- No evidence of damaged caps
- 8 Mb RAM installed
- 120Mb SCSI HDD installed
- First booted on Saturday, Feb. 13, 1993 at 10:48 AM, according to About This Mac menu of original, untouched factory System 7.1P1 installation
- Includes LC PDS UTP Ethernet card, as well as original slot blank
- MacCheck does not find any hardware issues
- Includes original Apple Keyboard II (w/ coiled cable) and Wedge Mouse
- Floppy drive injects and ejects speedily and without sticking
- Includes matching original Apple power cable

PowerMac G3 (B&W) 300s, For Parts - $10, 1 available *UNTESTED*
- 256Mb PC133
- Stock RAGE 128 card
- Haphazard arrangement of PCI blanks
- (as best recalled) Power on, but do not display anything or accept any form of input- can verify condition (and provide more detail) upon request
- CD-ROM drives
- Original hard drives may be included, or 20Gb disk may be included (depending on whether or not original drive is still mounted)
- Carry handles marked '300' with black Sharpie
- Assorted scuffs on cases

LC III, yellowed, working - $20
- No obviously damaged caps, all original
- No HDD
- Single-floppy lid
- Floppy drive ejects well
- Black sharpie on all sides of case
- Unknown quantity of TI-branded RAM, unable to easily find qty as my System 7.1 disks have degraded and are no longer bootable

Performa 636CD, poor cosmetic condition, working - $5
- 20Mb RAM Included
- 33Mhz 68LC040
- 260Mb HDD
- Case is badly yellowed, has interesting brown spots in places, has sticker residue on front panel, and is missing rear panel plastics
- FDD doesn't eject very forcefully, but is functional
- CD drive works

Performa 6116CD, decent cosmetic condition, Questionable working condition - $5
- Spec sheet not available, as machine is not displaying video
- When last used a few years ago, machine was working well, but when tested for this listing's sake, system chimed and yelled at me about an incorrectly set clock, but no video was displayed. I suspect that my formerly intermittent multimedia display output to normal Apple monitor adapter bit the dust in the meantime.
- Includes probably faulty display adapter
- Front panel power switch is missing its plastic button, but switch is accessible and works. Front left foot decided to quit its day job and become a paperweight- has been taped back in place. Case is otherwise in reasonable shape, but mildly grungy.

Performa 6400/180, needs cleaning but otherwise in good shape, working - $20
- Internal subwoofer works, and makes startup chime unexpectedly... profound.
- 16Mb RAM
- 1.5Gb HDD
- CD drive works well
- UTP Ethernet module installed

Power Macintosh 6500/250, good cosmetic condition, not working - $5
- Cache and UTP Ethernet modules installed
- No RAM
- ZIP 100 Drive
- Working internal subwoofer

Power Macintosh 5500/225, decent condition, not working - $10
- When connected to power, CRT can be heard to have power, but when machine is powered on, internal CRT does not power on, and power light does not illuminate
- Stock 2Gb HDD, upgraded RAM- all slots filled, but exact quantity unknown. Cache slot filled.
- When last used (several months ago, was working), FDD and CD-ROM drive worked.
- Chimes on startup
- Case mildly yellowed, has Sharpie markings on various surfaces and a small asset tag on the front-left side.
- UTP Ethernet module installed

Power Macintosh 5200/75LC, acceptable condition, working - $30
- To the best of my knowledge, the only Road Apple in my collection, and Dan Knight thinks it's literally the worst Mac ever made.
- Includes velcro-mounted swing-arm document holder
- Has paint-like discoloration on CD eject button
- Sharpie marking on left side of case
- In active use by a teacher from 1997-2011 (another unique trait among my collection, which brings some degree of sympathy for the poor fellow who ended up using it for so long)
- 64Mb RAM
- 2Gb HDD
- L2 Cache slot filled
- UTP Ethernet module installed... which means the printer port doesn't work. Because PM5200.

iMac G4, good condition, working - $45
- 15" display
- 800Mhz processor
- Combo drive
- 544Mb RAM
- 60Gb HDD
- Display is bright, clear, and free of dead pixels.
- Case is very clean, with very little wear. Only significant blemish is a rough square patch on rear of LCD panel where an asset tag was removed, marring the finish mildly.
- Includes original mouse and keyboard, though their condition is not fantastic.
- Includes matching Apple power cord

iMac G3 (Rev D), poor condition, working - $10
- Strawberry
- Large amount of Sharpie marks on all sides, stickers in various locations, assorted residue
- What looks and sounds an awful lot like Flyback transformer issues
- 333 Mhz
- Tray-loading CD-ROM
- 6Gb HDD
- 64Mb RAM

17-inch CRT Blueberry Studio Display, Flyback issues but otherwise working- $10, 3 available
Apple Pro Speakers - $20, 1 set available
iPod, 4th generation. No HDD or battery. - $10, 1 available
Imagewriter II, with sealed 4-colour ribbon and not-so-sealed installed black ribbon. - $15, 1 available
Monochrome Monitor ][e, decent condition, working. - $30
14" Color Plus display (DA-15 connector, automatic power on/off, 648x480), decent condition (moderate yellowing, sharpie marks) - $25
DA-15 to VGA adapters - $5 each, 2 available
G3-era multi-coloured Apple power cables- $3 each, 2 available
Assorted ADB mice and keyboards, condition varies. MANY available. Price varies from free (with purchase) to $2, depending on condition
Global Village Teleport Gold for Macintosh Performa modem- $4, 1 available
Panther Upgrade Disc 1 (rest of set is missing) - Cost: an interesting haiku, 1 available
HP Scanjet B&W SCSI scanner with Apple SCSI cable and terminator - $15, 1 available
Powerbook 5300C display module (Hinges, LCD, case, etc)- $10, 1 available

QuickTake 150, very good condition, working - $75
- Includes original box, warranty card, software license information, original AC adapter, set of 4 install floppies (with case), matching PowerBook-coloured serial cable, close-up adapter and pouch, and a Tiffen accessories brochure.
- Light scratching on bottom of camera, rest of device is in essentially perfect condition and works brilliantly

Newton OMP, beautiful condition, working - $80
- No visible scratches or marring on device body
- Works very well, has latest software installed.
- Compatible with Personal LaserWriter 300, listed above, for direct printing.
- Includes:
- Original stylus
- Newton-branded leatherette slip case
- Welcome to Newton VHS tape
- Spiral-bound Newton Handbook
- AAA battery holder
- Newton-branded PCMCIA blank
- Newton Information packet, containing:
- NewtonMail Services Registration Card
- Newton Setup Guide, including Getting Started PCMCIA card
- Apple Customer Services information booklet
- Apple Software License booklet
- Warranty Booklet
- 2 LARGE Newton stickers
- 2 LARGE rainbow Apple logo stickers

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Re: Collection of Apple Equipment in MN- Shipping available!

If you have one or two Apple Keyboard II (w/ coiled cable) and Wedge Mouse combos, I'll take em!

PM me Smile


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