Did I get scammed?

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Did I get scammed?

I recently bought a working Apple IIgs and can't shake the feeling that I grossly overpaid.


Woz edition cpu


3.5" disk drive

Keyboard & mouse

AE Transwarp Accelerator

4mb ram

focus drive



I paid $1500 for this. Is it too much?


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Overpaid a little

IMO you overpaid about $300. But depending on condition and how complete and prestine the system is (original boxes, manuals, Transwamp Accelerator, 3.5 and 5.25 drives, joysticks etc) it may not be as bad at least not way over. Note: Some expansion cards and accessories for vintage computers can be valuable on their own, and sometimes even more than the computer itself.

I think anything with an Apple on it, is a bit like Nintendo and will only increase in value. If you purchased it to make a profit, then you may have to enjoy owning it a few years or until Apple's 50th anniversary.

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Unless there are other cards,

Unless there are other cards, you got a basic IIgs woz system plus a Focus drive, TranswarpGS and 4mb card.

Go to ebay, click the advanced button and see what IIgs systems sold for with shipping. Add the the three cards to that and you’ll see how you did.

The TranswarpGS by itself is likely half or more the price you paid

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You did OK

You did fine. You may have gone a little higher, but we all know that if the unit works fine, that's all that matters. Transwarp GS cards are very scarce and I've seen them going for $799 alone.


if it works fine and you're happy, that's all that really matters, isn't it?



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