Disk II extender cables

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Disk II extender cables
I use my  Apple IIe computer only intermittently, storing it away much of the time, and didn’t want to have to repeatedly remove and reinstall the disk controller card or disconnect and reconnect the cables for my two Disk II 5.25” floppy disk drives.  I thought about making some drive extender cables but then happened to run across these Disk II drive extender cables on eBay.  They’re 7” ribbon cables with the proper connectors on each end.  The instructions emphasize that care must be taken in plugging them in to avoid damage to the drives, something I’m all too well aware of.  These cables seem well-made and it’s convenient that they’re labeled to make it easy to tell which is for which drive.  In my experience they’ve worked very well so far.
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Those are pretty neat.  I've

Those are pretty neat.  I've got some connectors around.  Maybe I'll try them out.


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I bought these off ebay as

I bought these off ebay as well.  They're great!

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