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First, thank you all for the awesome sleeves. About 8 years back, I bought a bulk deal of 4 boxes of 250 blank 3m 5.25 disks for cheap and almost all of them are still boxed in the closet. They did not come with any sleeves, so this is a perfect way to make the disks more useful for me.   :) 


I just bought a cricut maker for my wife and I.  I thought I would share my experience with printing these on the Cricut. I am still learning on it, as I've had it less than 30 days now, but the sleeves were a great project to start with.


I don't think you can get a cleaner cut than using the Cricut, I tried with scissors and I was disappointed at the way they came out, especially on the corners, which is why I resorted to the Cricut. I created a project in the Design Center software for myself and these print fairly well with the "print and cut". I also added crease lines to makes them fold nicely at the appropriate spot and for the tabs to wrap around the back correctly. They look very professional, especially using 32# paper, which is a fairly common weight.


I did have to manually tweak the size to get it to print properly on my HP Color Laserjet, but once I did that it came out perfect. (Without tweaking it was almost 1/2" too small, probably due to the Cricut software conversion)  My only issue is on the back, the bottom cut line is still visible, not cutting off, when folded it shows up on the back. So, I will need to address next time I print them up (still learning how). One other issue with the Cricut is you can print multiple copies at once to the printer, but you have to load each one into the Cricut separately and they take a minute or two to cut, so it can be time consuming to print a large number of them. However each one is consistent.


Hope this helps someone else.

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My wife begged me for one of

My wife begged me for one of those Cricut machines two years ago for her birthday and since then she's never actually used it...  Now I guess I have a reason to bogart it and put it to work...



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