DOS33Launch.shk and CiderPress

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DOS33Launch.shk and CiderPress


I want to use DOS33Launch to put some programs on my CFFA. I loaded DOS3.3.Launch.shk from asimov to my PC. Then I extracted the file with CiderPress - but on that way I got no usable data (tried also to put these on CiderPress on a new created diskimage).

To send the .shk file with ADTPro to the Apple II and use there shrinkit was also not successful ...

What am I doing wrong? How can I make a normal diskimage from the .shk file from asimov using CiderPress on the PC?


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Re: DOS33Launch.shk and CiderPress

Hello 6502enhanced,
welcome to the board.
There seems to be some missunderstanding.....
Diskimages are normally compressed to .DSK or to .PO files....
.SHK files are normally only compressed files from files and not from disks.
Sometimes the .SHK files also contain a complete set of files contained before in a directory....
but even then that not a diskimage because it DOES NOT CONTAIN the tracks where DOS was stored at.

So if you want to use files from .SHK files it´s in general the
procedure to first INIT a disk then unschrink that .SHK file to that disk
without restiction if it´s a single file or a set of files .....

Due to the fact that some users are not familiar with shrinking and unschrinking it sometimes
even happens, that unexperienced users forget about the chance that some files have been hidden
and therefor might not have been taken by the schrinking procedure, resulting to the fact that
then the expected functions won´t operate correct because of a missing hidden file...
( in general this results by those guys that "learn by doing" instead of first reading the
manual / instructions... and thereby missing important info´s about functions of a program )


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Re: DOS33Launch.shk and CiderPress

Thanks speedyG!

The problem wasn't ciderpress or shrinkit ... it was that I misunderstood the work with DOS33Launch - now I found this link to a discription how to handle the files and I see now that I only have to place the files from the .shk on my CFFA.

P.S.: seems that I'm for a long time at this board - admittedly with a little break Smile

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