Exidy Sorcerer Replica?

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Exidy Sorcerer Replica?

I know this is an Apple based community, but I was wondering of the plausability of/interest in designing an Exidy Sorcerer replica (I think they are now as rare as or perhaps even rarer than the Apple 1). Somewhere around my house I have the complete set of schematics (I think its complete) for the Exidy Sorcerer. (Unfortunately the physical machine itself is long gone) Along with the schematics I have the original hardware and software manuals and a couple of cartridges (Basic and RAM) for this machine. Feel free to comment etc. etc.

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Re: Exidy Sorcerer Replica?

While the Sorcerer is relatively rare, at least compared to the more popular computers of the era; like the TRS-80 and Apple II+, there is no way that it is anywhere near as rare as the Apple 1. Thousands of them were produced (versus about 200 for the Apple 1) and a significant percentage have survived. I have two of them myself, including my first "store-bought" computer, which I have owned since 1980.

They come up on eBay fairly regularly. In fact, there's one on there right now: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VINTAGE-EXIDY-SORCERER-II-COMPUTER-80x24-IN-BOX-RARE-COLLECTIBLE-/230741168838?pt=US_Vintage_Computers_Mainframes&hash=item35b93ed2c6

That one has been available for a while. They tend to sell for <$500 usually.

I doubt a replica would be practical. Firstly, because a real one is not that valuable. Secondly, unlike the Apple 1, the Sorcerer is more than a PCB. It would also require reproducing the case, keyboard, etc.

I'm not sure if it has already been done yet, but it would be a good candidate for an FPGA simulation.

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