Floppy EMU case options

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Floppy EMU case options

Hey folks, question for you people who have a Floppy EMU...


I followed the thread on Dave's excellent modification to put a Floppy EMU into a Disk ][ case. Unfortunately by the time I got my Floppy EMU and found a drive that I could use (off ebay and yes I'm going to keep the original insides safe), Dave had run out of kits/parts and it may be a few months before he has a chance to release the files. I did see that someone else designed a front panel. I'm wondering if anyone else has done any work similar to Dave's or building on Dave's?

I'm hoping to find either another source to acquire/build/print a panel and internal supports for the original drive case, or at least 3D print a plastic case that will last me until someone else takes up where Dave left off (making kits or whatever). I'd be open to funding a run of kits once Dave releases his files, similar to what Dave did, if there was enough interest.


Thoughts and comments welcome.


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Hey Merlin, I sell the

Hey Merlin,


I sell the internal 3D parts kit that is used on Dave's FloppyEMU.


Cost is $20+ shipping.


I have sold more than 10 of my kits to fellow applefritter users.


If you ever need a kit ust let me know.



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