FS: Apple II+ with 8MHz ZipChip 8000, SuperSerialCard, Extras

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FS: Apple II+ with 8MHz ZipChip 8000, SuperSerialCard, Extras

I'm selling a souped-up Apple II+. Comes with a generic 16K language card (increasing RAM to 64K), a ZipChip 8000 (bumping processing speed from 1MHz to 8MHz), and a Super Serial Card. I use the SSC with ADTPro for transferring disk images over to the II+.

Comes with a standard Disk II controller and drive, plus a Disk II clone (MA Systems FD-35). There's also an Epson APL printer board (untested; sorry, no printer to test), a Kensington System Saver fan (clips broken but still useful), several used manuals (Applesoft Tutorial, DOS Manual, Beneath Apple DOS), and three original "diskware" disks. Comes with the box, software, and manual for the ZipChip (though the box indicates the original 4MHz version, the chip installed in the system is a ZipChip 8000). It's also got an EnhanceWare LCA-2 lower case chip installed, and something like a Sup'R'Mod II inside.

I posted a video of running the demo in The Complete Graphics System II showing the 3-D car outline, and if you have a standard Apple II/II+/IIe, you could see that the 8MHz ZipChip runs the demo much, much faster:

Other pictures at:

$350 + insured shipping from zip 97124. If you're concerned about the shipping costs because of the weight, local pickup is always available.